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About Us

At IV Me Up, we are driven by a commitment to revolutionize health and wellness through our pioneering mobile intravenous hydration services. Positioned as a leading provider in Orange County, our mission is to enhance the well-being and performance of our clients by delivering not just treatments but transformative health experiences.
  • Dedicated to Health
  • Professional Team
  • Quality and Safety
  • Client-Centered Care
  • Community Involvement
Through these efforts, IV Me Up is not just a service provider but a dedicated partner in your health and wellness journey, committed to delivering excellence and transforming how you live and thrive.
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Mobile IV Services in Orange County: Customized Wellness on the Go

Experience the convenience and benefits of personalized IV therapy right at your doorstep with IV Me Up. Whether recovering, rejuvenating, or just maintaining your health, our range of specialized drips is designed to meet your every need. Explore our diverse offerings:
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Hydration Drip

Rehydrate and rejuvenate with essential fluids and electrolytes. Perfect for quick hydration recovery.

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Immune Drip

Boost your immune system with a powerful blend of vitamins and antioxidants to defend against illness.

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Migraine Drip

Alleviate the discomfort of migraines and severe headaches with targeted nutrients that reduce inflammation and pain.

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Hangover Drip

Recover from the aftereffects of alcohol with a mix that detoxifies and replenishes vital nutrients.

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Food Poisoning Drip

Ease symptoms of food poisoning with a drip designed to replace lost fluids and nutrients quickly.

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Myers Drip

The classic Myers cocktail works to enhance your overall well-being through a well-balanced mixture of vitamins and minerals.

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Detox Drip

Purify your body with a detox drip that flushes out toxins and enhances liver function.

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Athletic Drip

Support muscle recovery and boost your performance with a drip tailored for athletes.

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Beauty Drip

Promote healthy skin, hair, and nails with our beauty drip, infused with antioxidants and vitamins for a radiant look.

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Weight Loss Drip

Support your weight loss efforts with a drip that helps to boost metabolism and energy.

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Pain Relief Drip

Manage and alleviate chronic pain through a specialized infusion of analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

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Stress Relief Drip

Reduce stress and improve mood with a calming blend of vitamins and minerals.

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NAD Drip

Enhance cellular repair and energy with NAD therapy, known for its anti-aging and regenerative benefits.

Mobile IV Therapy

Our services encompass a wide range of personalized solutions, including rejuvenating IV infusions, expert consultations, and tailored treatments, all designed to enhance your well-being, promote vitality, and help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

How It Works


Select Your Treatment

Select your desired treatment from our comprehensive range of services, tailored to meet your specific needs and enhance your overall well-being.


Book Your Appointment

Book your appointment today to secure your preferred date and time, then experience our exceptional care and personalized services.


For First-Time Appointments

We encourage you to consult with one of our providers if this is your first IV hydration drip with us or if you have any questions.


Your Nurse Is On The Way

Sit back and relax as your dedicated nurse is on their way to provide you with exceptional care, support and discretion.

Vitamin IV Bags Start At $175. Additional Add-Ins Are +$25

Create Your Own Vitamin IV Bag

Vitamin B12

Vitamin C helps with many aspects of your health including anti-oxidant effects and neutralizing free radicals, boosts in energy, mental clarity, and memory, promotes healthy skin and skin structure, and a potent immune system.

Vitamin B-Complex

Supplementation of B vitamins has been shown to improve ratings of stress, mental health, vigor, and cognitive performance and works well with infusion therapy and overall wellness.


Helps heal, protect, and rejuvenate your skin. It may reduce the duration of your cold by half and has some direct effects on your bug and may slow the reproduction of microbes.


It is an essential amino acid for neurotransmission, neuroprotection, and neurogenesis. Taurine is beneficial in regulating your mood and stress levels to help you focus and devote your energy to the tasks at hand.


The results of increasing your intracellular levels of NAD+ are a reversal of age-related cellular dysfunction as your good genes turn on. You feel better, more energized, and your body is just healthier. You’ll be able to lose weight more easily as well as concentrate and perform cognitive functions better.

Calcium is an essential mineral with several important roles in the body. Our Calcium Hydroxyapatite may help support healthy bones, teeth, and nerve & muscle function.
Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps with many aspects of your health including anti-oxidant effects and neutralizing free radicals, boosts in energy, mental clarity, and memory, promotes healthy skin and skin structure, and a potent immune system.


Your body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent. It’s essential to eliminating toxins, maintaining your youth, and sustaining your wellness.


Participates in many important bodily functions including energy creation, protein formation, genetic maintenance, muscle function, and nervous system regulation for overall health.

Anti-Nausea Medication

This works directly in the areas of the body to block the transmission of signals in your nervous system that have caused your upset stomach. This medicine is very effective so take solace in knowing your nausea and vomiting should end quickly.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Need something to take care of your aches, fever, headache, and/or generalized pain and do so quickly, all while replenishing your body’s fluids? That is exactly what this anti-inflammatory medication will do.

Anti-Heartburn Medication

This medicine will help temporarily decrease the amount of acid secreted in your stomach, allowing you to better tolerate the duration of your illness and decrease your nausea.

What we do at IV ME UP

At IV ME UP, we strive to provide our clients with high-quality mobile intravenous hydration services to help them feel their best. Our mission is to enhance the well-being and performance of our clients by delivering convenient and effective hydration solutions.

Our vision is to revolutionize the way people approach health and wellness by making mobile intravenous hydration accessible and convenient. We strive to become the leading provider of IV hydration services by continuously innovating and providing customized solutions to our clients.

Our goal is to empower individuals to take charge of their health and improve their performance, whether it be for athletic endeavors or everyday life. We envision a future where hydration is at the forefront of preventive health and our services are an integral part of achieving optimal wellness.

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IV Hydration Treatments Orange County, CA

Did you know that about 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration without even realizing it? At our Newport Beach wellness center, we’re ready to help you achieve optimal hydration and wellness.

Metric Data Source/Year
Number of IV Therapy Providers Approx. 488 Industry Reports, 2024
Average Cost per IV Therapy Session $100 - $300 Market Analysis, 2024
Common Reasons for IV Therapy Hydration, Vitamin Boost, Recovery Patient Surveys, 2023
IV Therapy Market Size $2.1bn billion Economic Reports, 2024
Annual Growth Rate of the Market Z% Financial Forecasts, 2024
Demographic Most Likely to Use IV Therapy Adults aged 20-40 Consumer Health Trends, 2023

Fast and Efficient IV Vitamin Therapy

Experience the quickest way to replenish your body with essential fluids, nutrients, and health supplements. Our IV vitamin therapy delivers these vital elements directly into your bloodstream, ensuring fast and effective absorption.

Expert Care from Experienced Professionals

At Boost Hydration, our team is led by seasoned medical experts, including doctors and nurses who specialize in IV hydration and nutritional therapies. Our professionals are dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments tailored to your health needs.

Immediate Results with Vitamin Infusions

Our IV drip therapy efficiently transports nutrients, antioxidants, and electrolytes directly to your bloodstream, offering immediate health benefits and optimal nutrient absorption.

Convenient Location Serving All of Orange County

Enjoy relaxing IV treatments and vitamin injections in the serene setting of our Newport Beach spa. We proudly serve residents from across Orange County, including areas like Laguna Beach, Irvine, Anaheim, and beyond, extending our reach to nearby cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego.

Whether you’re seeking to boost your energy, improve your overall health, or recover from physical exertion, our IV hydration treatments are designed to provide significant health benefits in a comfortable and professional environment.

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NAD+ IV Therapy in Orange County

Replenish and rejuvenate with NAD+ IV therapy, which boosts metabolism, slows aging, and supports cognitive health. As we age, our natural NAD levels decrease, but IV therapy can efficiently restore these crucial coenzymes.

Key Benefits:

  • Slows aging signs
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Preserves cognitive function
  • Reduces chronic disease risk

Hangover IVs in Orange County

Speed up your recovery with our specialized Hangover IV therapy. Perfect for rehydrating after a night out, our IV treatment quickly replenishes your body, reducing recovery time significantly.

What’s in the Hangover IV?

  • Vitamin B Complex & B12: Boosts energy and clears brain fog.
  • Anti-nausea Medication: Eases stomach discomfort.
  • Pain Relief: Includes anti-inflammatory agents to alleviate headaches and body aches.
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IV ME UP | Home New

Myers' Cocktail IV in Orange County

The Myers’ Cocktail IV stands out as a favorite among our offerings in Orange County. This powerful IV blend was crafted by Dr. Myers to support a wide range of health needs, from chronic conditions to recovery from physical exertion.

Benefits of the Myers’ Cocktail:

  • Support for Chronic Conditions: Ideal for managing fatigue and asthma.
  • Boost for Overall Well-being: Enhances energy, reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Recovery Aid: Excellent for athletes or anyone recovering from a night out.

IV Therapy Costs in Orange County

Our IV therapy costs are comparable to an ER copay, providing an effective and economical health solution. We offer a variety of packages tailored to different needs, including our best-selling MIVM Cocktail, Immune, Cold + Flu, Hangover, and Myers’ Cocktail.

All-Inclusive Pricing: The price covers the IV, in-home service, and travel expenses of our nurses. We accept health savings accounts, cash, and credit cards for your convenience.

We are a doctor-owned mobile IV service, ensuring high-quality and safe treatments. Avoid cheaper alternatives that might compromise your health.

Through these efforts, IV Me Up is not just a service provider but a dedicated partner in your health and wellness journey, committed to delivering excellence and transforming how you live and thrive.
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IV ME UP | Home New

Mobile IV Services Across Orange County

We offer mobile IV services throughout Orange County, ensuring you can receive treatment wherever you are—be it at home, in the office, or in a hotel room. Our experienced nurses cover a wide area, including:

Benefits of the Myers’ Cocktail:

  • Long Beach
  • Santa Ana
  • Huntington Beach
  • Irvine
  • Laguna Beach
  • Anaheim
  • Lake Forest
  • Laguna Niguel
  • Mission Viejo
  • Newport Beach
  • Terminal Island
  • Garden Grove
  • San Clemente
  • And more!

Busy Day in Orange County? Refresh with Our Mobile IV Therapy

Orange County is bursting with activities and attractions thanks to its warm climate and vibrant culture. Whether you’re catching a game at the Angels stadium in Anaheim, exploring Disney California Adventure Park, or enjoying a concert at the FivePoint Amphitheatre, we understand that these fun days can be tiring.

  • Enjoying Angels games in Anaheim
  • Visiting Disney California Adventure
  • Park Riding the Balboa Island Ferry
  • Relaxing at Huntington Dog Beach
  • Shopping at the Outlets at Orange or Southcoast Plaza

After a long day out, IV therapy can be a great way to combat exhaustion and dehydration. Our registered nurses will come to you, assess your needs, and administer the right IV treatment, so you’re quickly rejuvenated and ready to enjoy more of what Orange County has to offer.

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What People Are Saying

IV ME UP | Home New

I can’t say enough positive things about IV Me Up. The customer service is five star and the nurse I always request is Hani. Hani is kind and gentle and a pleasure to have in my home.

Dana McElroy-Calhoun

IV ME UP | Home New

My in-home IV therapy experience with Neda was nothing short of exceptional. It’s a service that not only offers convenience but was tailored to my specific needs so definitely a game changer. I would highly recommend this service to anyone seeking a more convenient and effective way to manage their health needs.

Mary Tran

IV ME UP | Home New

AMAZING!!! I called for our office to get juiced up they got here with in 2 hours and took care of all 6 of us.

Jessica Wickenburg

IV ME UP | Home New

I heard about IV Me Up from a few friends. In the beginning, I was a little skeptical until I tried it myself. It was the day after Christmas, and after a long night, I felt really sick. So, I reached out to IV Me Up. Even though they had a busy schedule, they were able to schedule me for a Hangover Drip on the same day. After taking the IV for the first time, I couldn’t believe how effective it was. I felt better while receiving the IV and day by day after that. Today, I had my second session and I’m already feeling much better. I know they offer many different types of IV therapy, like Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), which I’m planning to try. I highly recommend IV Me Up based on my experience. Also, I don’t think you’ll believe the effects of the IV therapy until you try it.

Alex P.

IV ME UP | Home New

Amazing nurses, great care. My nurse Hani made it to me tonight as her last appointment and truly saved my stomach! I was so uncomfortable before she came and Hani made me feel SO much better! Def will recommend to friends and family.

Meagan J.

Get Hydrated, Get Healthy, Get excited

FAQs about IV Therapy

What is IV therapy and how does it work?

IV therapy involves the administration of nutrients and hydration directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous line. This method bypasses the digestive system, allowing for immediate absorption and effectiveness. It’s commonly used for hydration, boosting immune function, enhancing energy, and more.

What can I expect during my first IV therapy session?

During your first session, our trained medical staff will conduct a health assessment to choose the most suitable IV blend for your needs. The session typically lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. You can relax in a comfortable setting while the IV drip works its magic.

How often should I get IV therapy?

The frequency of IV therapy depends on your individual health goals and lifestyle. Some clients prefer weekly sessions to maintain optimum wellness, while others may visit monthly or as needed. Our team can help tailor a schedule that best fits your needs.

Are there any side effects of IV therapy?

IV therapy is generally safe and side effects are rare. Some individuals might experience a cool feeling in the arm or a mineral taste in the mouth during the session. Occasionally, mild bruising at the injection site can occur. Our professional staff ensures the highest safety standards during your treatment.

How long does a session take?

Most IV therapy sessions take about 30-45 minutes. During this time, you can relax, read, or even work as you receive your treatment.

Is IV therapy safe?

Yes, IV therapy is safe when administered by qualified professionals. At IV Me Up, all therapies are performed under strict medical supervision using sterile techniques and high-quality ingredients.

Can IV therapy help with weight loss?

While IV therapy can support overall well-being, it’s not a weight loss solution. However, certain blends are designed to boost metabolism and energy levels, which can be beneficial as part of a comprehensive weight management program.

What makes IV Me Up different from other providers?

IV Me Up offers mobile IV therapy services that bring wellness directly to you, whether at home, office, or other convenient locations. Our personalized care and commitment to quality ensure a unique and effective experience.

Do you offer customized IV therapy options?

Absolutely! We offer a range of IV therapies and can customize them to address specific health concerns, wellness goals, or nutrient deficiencies. Our team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by visiting our website, calling our office directly, or using our mobile app. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle and provide services at a convenient location.